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Which math class should I take?

Which math class should I take?

For a PDF version of "Math Pathways for Success," click here.

Math Placement Policy

The policies associated with placing students into mathematics classes at Dixie State College follow published guidelines that are structured according to demonstrated skill levels. Using ACT math scores as indicators, students are advised into classes according to the following levels.

Cut Scores-Dixie State College Math Department
Class Class Name ACT CPT SAT Prerequisite
Math 900 Transitional Math I 0-17 0-53 0-179 None
Math 980 Transitional Math IIB 12-21 30-86 340-549 C in Math 0900
Math 1000 Transitional Math II 18-22 54-88 180-569 C in Math 0900 or 0980
Math 1030 Quantitative Reasoning 20+ 75+ 510+ C in Math 0980 or 1000
Math 1040 Introduction to Statistics 22+ 87+ 550+ C in Math 0980 or 1000
Math 1050 College Algebra/Pre-Calc 23+ 89+ 570+ C in Math 1000
Math 1060 Trigonometry 25+ 95+ 600+ C in Math 1050
Math 1080 Pre-Calculus w/Trig 25+ 95+ 600+ B in Math 1000 or C in Math 1050
Math 1100 Business Calculus 25+ 95+ 600+ C in Math 1050
Math 1210 Calculus I 26+ 105+ & CLM 92+ 620+ C in Math 1050 & 1060 or C in Math 1080

All advanced classes require one of the previous classes as a prerequisite.

In addition, students are advised that a long hiatus from formal math instruction could compromise their ability to perform in class. This is true even if high ACT scores were obtained in high school, and several years have elapsed since the tests were taken.

Placement scores or classes with scores/grades more than two years old will be considered invalid. In this situation, new placement scores will be required. A CPT score (College Placement Test) must be obtained from the Dixie College Testing Center. The Math portion of the test is $10 and can be taken anytime during regular testing center hours.