(Enhanced Learning of Algebra Basics)


Starting September 4th we are offering

One-on-One tutoring.

Mon-Fri 11am-6pm

Our appointment software is almost done. Please call Scott Moore @ (435)879-4573 or see him in Snow 001. In the basement of the Snow next to the eLAB.

The Department of Mathematics is excited to introduce the eLAB to Dixie State University students. The eLAB hires the best tutors who are also students currently majoring in Math, Math ed, Chemistry, Computer Science, Nursing, and Biology.

The eLAB is located in the basement of the Snow Math and Science Building, Room 002. The lab environment facilitates individual one-on-one drop in tutoring, group tutoring, instructor help, and supplemental instruction.

We have found students make use of the lab to work on homework, take tests, individualized or group tutoring. These courses include:

Math 0900, Math 1000, Math 1040, Math 1050
Math 1060, and Math 1100

The supplemental instruction program provides students additional help in the following courses:

Math 1000, Math 1040, Calculus I, II, III
Dicrete, and Linear Algebra

With math being a challenging subject, we are grateful that we can provide the excellent resource for our students. We have seen great success in our program and hope to continue to serve our students at Dixie State University to the best of our ability.

Come on over to check us out and meet our wonderful tutors!