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Mathematics Department

College of Science & Technology

Mathematics Department

Mission Statement

The Dixie State University Mathematics Department seeks to help students achieve their academic, career, and life goals, including those related to basic computational skills, mathematical processes, and knowledge that develops real-life applications, modeling and problem solving. The Department's comprehensive and integrated offerings help students master mathematical competencies for future career and educational endeavors. These goals applied with DSU’s mission promote a campus-wide culture of learning.

Dixie State’s mission to offer baccalaureate programs “in core or foundational areas consistent with four-year colleges” mandates that the University deliver a degree in mathematics as one of the disciplines most profoundly instrumental to development of skills in quantitative reasoning, logic, analysis, and critical thinking, which are widely recognized skills at the heart of education. Our robust mathematics program is essential in preparing students in other programs such as nursing and allied health careers, business, accounting and finance, computer science and information technology. The Math Department strives for excellence in training students in these areas vitally important to the economic health of their community. Providing this positive community impact is consistent with a key element of DSU’s mission to, "foster economic growth and a continuum of educational, cultural and recreational enrichment.” (DSU Mission Statement, 2013)